Our Core Technologies

Our customers stated that they have reduced their capital and operational expenses –


when utilizing our Cloud Platform Services for increased agility, increased fault tolerance and utility savings.


when utilizing our Data Center Infrastructure Services for risk mitigation. future proof services, converged services and expertise.


when hiring our managed services for datacenter, print, app dev, audio, video, digital media infrastructure deployment and database programming.


when outsourcing to ADX for digital media design, advanced digital special effects, advanced graphic arts, video editing and content delivery.

Our focus and Strengths

Our valued customers are our life line, just as your customers may be for your company. Our core competencies were streamlined and focused based on the increased service and product demands. As such, we have grown as a company and dived deeper in four (4) technology concentrations. We are the alternative for excellence in these technology disciplines. We’re the technology experts you can rely.

  • Managed Services 86%
  • Digital Media Development & Broadcasting 78%
  • DataCenter Services 59%
  • Cloud Office Applications 52%
  • Digital Signage 61%
  • Digital Marketing 57%
  • Data & Telecom 57%
  • Audio Video Web Services 54%
ALTTRIX (AMX) has provided services for our offices throughout North America. Given the sensitivity and the reliability required, AMX pulled through and within budget for Print Management Services. They were timely and efficient in putting together a comprehensive hardware, software and service & fulfillment plan. They are reliable and dependable and most importantly, they believe in customer service first. Tammy Papadeas

Assistant Vice President, BNP Paribus - Global Bank

ALTTRIX (ATX) has been instrumental in providing IT services and products for over 7 years. They have been consistently supportive and informative in many of our IT projects.
They are extremely reliable and dependable. ATX has always pulled through for us and implemented strategic solutions to improve production and cost efficiency. They know the healthcare tech requirements very well. Colleen McCasland

Manager. Information Systems, Martin Health Systems

Despite having four companies come in to resolveour Global Video Conference Platform Infrastructure, we needed a company that was willing to take the risk and correct our issue and implement a solid Audio Video Conference Solution.
ALTTRIX AVX solved our problem within budget and within the timeframe given. They are very well versed and trained in AV and Video Conferencing.

Pablo Assusa

Manager, Information Systems, KLX Aerospace Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ALTTRIX help you?
ALTTRIX was founded in 2006 and has grown to provide eight core platform technologies to help and support your company to become more efficient, more resilient and more cost effective. At ALTTRIX, we have amassed years of experience, innovative technologies and talented professionals to provide our customers best in class managed services, data center services, cloud office applications, audio, video, web services, digital media, digital marketing, data & telecom and digital signage. We guarantee and warranty all of our products and services. We believe in customer first and constantly aim to provide the best customer service.
What does ALTTRIX actually do?
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