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140 Broadway, 26th Floor
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Fortune Financial Center
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The Signature Building Corporate Office
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Finance Office 531A Upper Cross Street
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163-1030 Tokyo, Japan

Australia Riparian Plaza
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Chifley Tower 2
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Alttrix Cloud LLC

ALTTRIX CLOUD is a full service web hosting and web services company. We provide: Voice & Unified Communications, Productivity & Email, Back Up & File Sharing, Security & Compliance, Domain names, Web Hosting, SSL & Security, Email Accounts, Internet/Web Marketing tools, Website Creation and Management tools and much more.

Robust and Highly Secured Cloud Business Applications, Web hosting, Internet domain registrar, Back Office Applications, Cloud Security Applications, and much more.

Alttrix Audio Video Web LLC

ALTTRIX Audio Video Web services provide: VOIP for Business, Call Center Services and Products, Team Collaboration Software, Hosted Cloud PBX, Onlne Faxing, Local and Global Conference Calling, Local and Global Video Conferencing, Local and Global Web Conferencing,

Full turnkey Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing. Easy, accessible secured apps from anywhere on any device. Be communicative and express yourself anytime.

Alttrix Managed Services LLC

ALTTRIX Managed IT Services provide: Managed IT Services, Managed Cloud Services, Managed IT Security Services, Managed Data Center Services, Database Management Services, Managed Print Services, Data Server Service & Support, Cloud Office 365 Service Support, Managed Asset Management Support and Service, Google Apps and Service Support, Desktop, Notebook & Tablet Service Support, Mobile Device Management, and much more.

Managed IT services to manage, monitor and resolve any issues with Cloud Apps, Data Center Equipment or Software, Computer Hardware, Mobile Devices, Microsoft Applications, Google Apps, Apple Apps, and much more.

Alttrix Managed Print Services LLC

ALTTRIX Managed Print Services provide: Managed Volume Print Managed Services, Commercial and Industrial Printer Repairs and Services, Print Cost Management Services, Commercial and Industrial Printer Asset Management Services, Managed Audit Services for Volume Print Output, Global Volume Toner and Ink distribution Supply Management, Analytical, Informative Data Reports, Advanced Shipping and Receiving Reporting, Cost Spend Analytical Reports and much more.

Alttrix Digital Media LLC
Alttrix Digital Marketing LLC

Alttrix Digital Marketing provides: Digital Marketing & E-Commerce that entails Affiliate Marketing, Audience Profile Management, Campaign Management & Delivery, Campaign Management & Solutions, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Lead Management & B2B Marketing, Retargeting Ads, SMS Automation, Search Engine Optimization, Real-time web site Analytics, Viral Marketing, 2d & 3d Character Animations, Cinematic Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Audio Recording, Mixing, & restoration, Photorealistic 3D images for branding, product shots, and package design, Video Editing & Production, User Experience Design & Prototyping, After Effects Special Effects Design & Production, Graphic Arts Design, Vector Graphics & Illustration and much much more.

Alttria LLC

ALTTRIX AI provides: Ai Software Development, AI for CX Improvement, Machine Learning App Dev & Services, Natural Language Processing Services, Virtual Reality & AI Integration Development Services, TensorFlow Development, Google AI Platform Development Services, Microsoft AI Platform Services, and much more.

BlockChain Care LLC

BlockChain Care LLC provides: Blockchain Concept and Strategy for Healthcare Institutions, Blockchain distributed ledger technologies for biomedical and healthcare applications, Blockchain Technology Enhancement for Supply Chain Management in Healthcare, Smart Contracts, and Verifiable Ledger Technologies, Blockchain-based EMR/EHR/PHR platforms based systems and much much more.

BlockChain A2B LLC

Blockchain A2B provides enterprises and commercial companies with highly secured blockchain-based solutions into their daily operations. Our Blockchain developed apps help Auto Dealerships, Banking, Messaging Apps, Hedge Funds, Voting, Internet Identity & DNS, Critical Infrastructure Security, Ride Sharing, Internet Advertising, Crypto Exchanges, EDucation and Academia, Industrial IoT and Mesh Networking, Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, Forecasting, Music/Entertainment, and Intellectual Property, Real Estate Transactions and much much more.

Cost Management Experts LLC

ALTTRIX Cost Management Services provides: Spend Analysis Services, part & Module Costing Analysis and Assessment, Cost Model Analysis & Assessments, Virtual production environment (VPE) configuration, calibration, and maintenance, Product Cost Management, Airline Cost Management Framework, Healthcare Cost Management Solutions, Telecommunications Cost Management, Shipping Cost Management Solutions, and much more,

Digital Signage Display LLC

ALTTRIX Digital Signage Display Services provide: LED, LCD, QLED 8K, 4K UHD, TOUCH DISPLAY, HD, OLED displays. Digital Signage Content Media Creation, Development and Distribution, Digital Content Media Management, Advertising Media Management, Flexible Display Product & Services, Transparent Flexible Display Product & Services, Digital Signage Service Installation, Digital Signage Service and Repairs, Digital Signage Site Audits, Digital Signage Indoor and Outdoor Displays and much more.

Flexzene LLC

FLEXZENE LLC provides: Advanced and patented Flexible Visual Display technologies. We offer Flexible Electronic Paper Displays, Ultra-Thin OLED Screen Modules, Flexible OLCD Displays, Transparent OLED, High Luminance Dot-Matrix OLED, Microacity OLED, Four-Sides ULTRA Narrow Bezel OLED, FREE Form OLED, Artificial Intelligence OLED Glass Wall Displays and much more.

Global Data Telecom LLC

Global Data Telecom provides: Large Fleet Global Mobile Device Management, Global Fleet Mobile Security Management, DWDM, and SONET Ring Services, Contact and Call Center Solutions, Voice & VOIP Communications, IT Network Sourcing, Internet Connectivity, Virtual Network Functions, Ethernet Services, Video, Web, and Audio Conferencing, IT Network connectivity, Unified Communications, and Contact Center Consulting and Services, Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV), Firewall Security, Mobile Data Application Security, Mobile Device (Cellphone, Notebook, and Tablet) Sales, and Service, Global Mobile Device Shipping and Distribution Management Service and much more.

PowerCenterUSA LLC

PowerCenterUSA provides: Advanced and Sophisticated Wireless Charging Hubs for Commercial and Industrial companies. PowerCenterUSA also provides Wireless Charging as a Service and much much more.