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Graduate Programs and Internships

We offer a variety of graduate programs and internship

We will give you the perfect way to ensure the right field for you.

Business Consulting

As a business consulting intern, you will learn how we leverage technology to help businesses be more efficient, more resilient, and more profitable.

Software Engineering

As a software engineering intern, you create segments of code to help our clients digitally transform their business.

Supply Chain Management

As a supply chain intern, you will learn the ins and outs that you can’t learn in a textbook. You will be assigned small segments of projects, witness negotiations, and learn the role of planes etc.

Sales and Marketing

As a sales and marketing intern, you will see firsthand the power of technology in our constantly-connected digital world. You will learn the market research also.

Sales Graduates

As a sales graduate intern, you have the opportunity to put your education to work.  You can learn the ropes inside and out  in sales.

Electrical Power Software Engineering

As an electrical power software engineer intern, you will gain firsthand experience in building simulations for real-life enterprises.

OLED Electrical Engineering

As an OLED electrical engineering intern, you will gain the real-life experience required to ensure this is the right career for you. You will learn what it is like to work directly with clients

Global Digital Security

As a global digital security intern, You will learn how we personalize and leverage digital security to individual client needs.

Global Procurement

As a global procurement intern, you will gain firsthand experience in the intricate process of global procurement.

Global Information Technology

As a global information technology intern, you will gain firsthand experience of the countless and ever-evolving ways we can help businesses digitally transform.

Legal and Paralegal

As a legal or paralegal intern, you will help our lawyers perform the research required to identify compliant and innovative solutions.

Wireless Power Transfer Engineers

As a WPT intern, you will learn how this emerging industry can add value for our clients in a variety of ways.

OLED Hardware Engineering

As an OLED hardware engineering intern, you will have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action with  real-life scenarios

Industrial Chemical Engineering

As an industrial chemical engineering intern, you will learn what it is like to innovate within client parameters. You will get to experience working in a variety of industries